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what a beautiful view :-)

yumblesp4 asked:

What are your favorite things about pee? Mine are the warmth, the taste, and when you can feel it coming out. ;-)

I moved to see movies and not pictures- there is a sound, and a moving and a pee that comes out the girl body.

when I see a movies like that, the all the pressure that go away from the girl, with the yellow steam. all this comes with the feeling that the girls wanted to film themselves, that why I stopped watch voyeur movies.

this why pee makes me Horny.

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New blog

Hello my dear fan,

I have just opened a new blog that allowing to me upload videos that here I can’t. everytime I’ll publish something there i give to here an comment to the address. but firts, here the address of the blog:

please leave a comment!

have fun!

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